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Age of the House

"How old is the house?"  

The simple answer is this- As a home ages the level of work needed to keep it up is greater and your cost for maintenance, repairs, replacement, and renovating will be greater.

The age of the premises is a good indicator for anticipating the level of repairs and  reserve funds needed.  Reserve funds is the amount of money required, after closing, moving, decorating, and other expenses are paid,  to repair immediate deficiencies.  Immediate deficiencies include all needed work within the first eighteen to twenty-four months of ownership.  

Possible immediate items may include:  replacing dilapidated  bathrooms and kitchen,  re-surfacing worn roofs,  replacing corroded piping, electrical improvements,  up-grading inefficient and old heating and air-conditioning systems, replacing inefficient windows and exterior doors,  correcting walkway and stair trip hazards, correcting environmental and safety concerns, etc.  

Typically as the age of the house increases, the size of  the reserve fund  will need to increase.   Depending on the condition of the premises,  for an average home that is twenty-five years old  a reserve fund of 2-3% of the purchase price is  reasonable. Whereas  7-10% or more is needed for a hundred and twenty-five year old structure. AgeNewHouse.jpg (4038 bytes)

Warning!!-- Rules of thumb are useful however the guideline for the Northeast Climate must be balanced with the physical condition of the home.


Normal Life Expectancies, and Home Photo Gallery good guidelines but are not a  substitution for a Professional Inspection.


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