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What Buyers' Want From A Home Inspection

Complete the survey to find out what you want to learn from a pre-purchase inspection and compare your opinion with the survey results.


Print the questionnaire and from the categories listed below, select your top ten (10) areas of concern when purchasing a home and then rank your concerns.

Starting with 1 (highest concern), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (least concern).





Age of the house    

Because of the age of the premises, are above-normal  repairs/replacements needed?  


Structural items (foundation walls, floor supports, etc.)    

Is the house structurally sound?


Environmental Concerns  

Will this house injure my family?  (like asbestos, underground oil tanks,    high-voltage   wires, etc.)


Age of the House    

Because of the age of the premises, are   above-normal    repairs/replacements needed?


Termites and other Wood Damaging Insects   

Will these pests eat me out of house and home?


Heating System     

Will the boiler break down next winter?


Basement Water Problems    

Does the basement flood?



Is there adequate ventilation in the attic, basement,  and/or crawl  areas?



Do I need an umbrella when I move into the house?


Electrical Items     

Is the electrical power adequate and proper?



Are the pipes leaking?


Building Department Approvals     

Is the house legal?


Energy Efficient   

Is the house properly insulated and energy efficient?


Other Item -- specify --


Other Item -- specify --


General Questions:

Number of people in your household. ______________________
Your age: 18 -30____, 31 40____, 41 50____, 51- plus________
First time buyer_________ or second home purchase_________

Compare your answers with the Survey Results