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Thank you for attending the Seminar

Your home purchase is very important
and your home inspection report
must contain a written statement regarding the
structural stability of the home,
otherwise you are at risk!

How to avoid a costly and serious pit fall.


To review the six important questions
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Dream Home, Good Investment...or  Money Pit?

The answer to these questions
 is want home buyers want 
from a pre-purchase home inspection.

The answers come from a recent survey,
entitled What home buyers want to know from a home inspection?
The answers to these important questions help buyers determine the amount of money needed to repair their dream home.

The top three items of concern relates to safety as well as money.

  • Is the house structurally sound and safe?  

  • Is the house environmentally safe?  

  • Is the house electrically system adequate and safe?

These concerns are followed by:

  • Is the house Termites infested?

  • Is the Heating system adequate and operational?

  • Is the Plumbing system operational?

  • Any Age related concerns?

  • Is the Roofing leaking or worn?

  • Are their approvals for the house and any additions or changes?

  • Miscellaneous concerns (mostly cosmetic)

A preliminary pre-inspection of your dream home
will help you answering these important questions. 
A preliminary pre-inspection is performed by YOU as you are looking at houses.
The topics below are the cornerstones of the preliminary pre-inspection.