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Electrical Concerns

Service Size Service Wires Electric Panels
Old Electrical Wires Typical Problems Special Devices
Aluminum Wires    


Service Wires

Touchable overhead service wire

Main breaker located under the electric meter

Electrical transformer located in the front yard area

Three Wire Service to the House

Three Wire Service to the House

Inadequate Electric Service







Grieco 2005

Electric Panels







Indication of water inside the main electrical panel



Disconnected Ground Wire at the Water Main

Disconnected Ground Jumper Wire at the Water Meter


Service Size

100 Ampere Electric Service

150 Ampere Main Breaker


150 Ampere main Breaker

200 Ampere main Breaker









Aluminum Wires




Aluminum Electrical wire
subject to damage

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire inside the main electric panel







Grieco 2005


Typical Problems

Exposed wires

Missing Meter Lock

Improperly Spliced wires

Loose Electrical Outlet

Electric Test- Indicating Reverse Polarity Condition

Electric Test- Indicating An Open Ground

Outlet Tester







Old Electrical Wires

Old post and tube wiring

Old post and tube wiring

Old post and tube wiring

Old wire in contact with wood
a fire hazard

Old wires -alive

Old post wires connected to a light fixture

Old post and tube wiring























Grieco 2005