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Typical Problems

New hot water boiler and
hot water heater

New Steam boiler, Undersized flue pipe from the hot water heater and improper drain connection at the house trap

Aged Boiler

Improperly pitched exhaust pipe

Improperly pitched exhaust pipe and missing clean-out door

Improperly located direct exhaust boiler vent in a window well

Evidence of oil tank leak

Improperly pitched and pipes oil storage tank

Fuel line to the boiler subject to freezing

Plastic (PEX) piping for a radiant heat floor system

Water source heat pump

Solar heating panels



Label indicating that the boiler is cast iron

Direct exhaust hot water heater

Indirect Hot water Heater
located in the attic area

Indirect Hot Water heater











Modern Hot water heating boiler



Gas Boiler and Hot Water Heater

Zone Valves

Required Low Water Shut-Off Control