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 Tauscher, Cronacher

Anthony J. Grieco, Licensed & Registered Architect

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Buyer Concerns 

Structural Problems

Buyer Beware

Wood post support
Need replacing

Steel pipe support
Needs to be replaced

Improperly notched girder
Was reinforced with a steel support

Improper support
Needs to be replaced

Required load path reinforcing for new construction

Missing floor joist section 
Needs reinforcing

Cracked floor joist

Temporary vertical support
Needs replacement

Foundation anchor - Missing Fastener 

Foundation Anchor  - Improperly Installed

Foundation Wall Anchors


Roof leak and rotted roof plywood sheathing

Improperly removed roof truss members

Improperly installed girder

Damaged Brick Foundation Wall

Stone Foundation Wall

Brick Foundation Wall

Loose stones Supporting the Main Girder






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