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Anthony J. Grieco, Register Architect, owner of Home and Inspection Network; an educational and teaching firm, and a member of Tauscher, Cronacher and Associates LLC.

Mr. Grieco's background covers an array of projects. He has been with Tauscher, Cronacher and Associates. since 1976, and has inspected over 35,000 homes and buildings and related projects. Prior to joining Tauscher, Cronacher he was involved in planning, designing, and the partial construction of a $237 million convention center. Also was directly involved in the construction of 11 office buildings in lower Manhattan, portions of several hospitals in the New York City Area, an ocean front college with marine facilities, and sections of the New Jersey Turnpike. Mr.Grieco's experience places him among a handful of Architects who are known and accepted as experts in the field of Forensic Architecture. He is a member of the  N.A.B.I.E., and ICC (formerly B.O.C.A.). He is licensed as a Registered Architect by the State of New York and Pest Control licenses in N.Y.  He received his B.S. in Architecture from the City College of New York and advance credits from other Institutions.

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