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The expert help
that you’ve been looking for without the cost
of a full home inspection.

While looking for that perfect home, you may have questions and/or concerns that will affect your decision whether to buy the house or not.  

Who can answer the questions?  Who can address the concerns?

Instead of paying for a full home inspection, now there is an easy and less costly method to get those critical answers.

ASK an Expert.

One who is a licensed and registered architect in New York and a professional with over 31 years of  home inspection experience  for advice.  (bio)

For a nominal fee you can ask your question and with the free option of including photos you will have an immediate answer.  Of course without a physical inspection of the premises comments will be limited in scope.

How does it work.

Email me your question with photos (optional) and I will email you my answer for $19.99 for the first question plus $9.99 for each additional question.


Email me your question with photos (optional) and we can have a live phone conversation for $29.99 for 10 minutes plus $9.99 for each additional 5 minutes. With this option the first one minute for a general conversation and introduction is free.

1.    Email me at, - - use your email server.

2.    List your question or questions

3.    and any photos (optional).

4.    State either option- email response or live conversation.

Based on your request I will forward a credit card PayPal invoice for payment. After the payment is confirmed either you will receive an email response (if you requested this option) or a phone call so that we can discuss your concerns.

fast and
without the cost of a full home inspection.

Email me at, -

Get the home inspection help and support you need immediately. Here are some of the items that we specialize in supporting:

·          Structural problems

o         Is the crack in the foundation walls significant?

o         Should we replace the wood post supports?

o         Is the sagging roofs a problem?

o         Are the very definite interior floor slopes and uneven floor a structural problem?

o         Are those squeaky floors a structural problem?

·          Basement seepage and leakage problems

o         Is there mold in the basement?

o         What is a french drain system?

o         Does the sump pump indicate a flooding basement?

·          Electrical concerns

o         Is the electrical system adequate?

o         Is the aluminum service wire a fire hazard?

o         Is the aluminum wire to the electric stove a problem?

o         Are the small gauge aluminum wires within the house a fire hazard?

·          Termite and other wood destroying questions

o         The premise was treated for termites-Should I be concerned?

o         What should I ask for from the seller?

·          Heating and air conditioning

o         The systems look old and weary-what information should I obtain from the seller?

o         What is the expected life for these units?

o         If the heating system uses oil or gas to crate the heat, when the heating system is operation I smell of oil or gas. Is this a problem?

o         Is the buried oil tank a problem?

·          Roofing

o         There are two layers of shingles on the roof and the seller tells us that you can install a third layer. Is this right?

o         What is the expected life for a asphalt shingle, roll roofing, slate, tile or rubberized roof?

o         There are water stains on the top floor ceiling-is this a problem?

o         There are pails in the attic area-is this a problem?

o         There is moss on the roof surface- is this a problem?

·          Exterior items

o         railroad tie or stone  retaining wall

o         the grade of the landscaping around the house

o         condition of wood decking

o         pool

o         driveway

·          Other concerns




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