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Table of Contents

  1. Does the home have defects?

  2. How can I make sure I get a Good Home Inspection?

  3. Why Criterium Tauscher, Cronacher?

  4. Is a home inspection enough?

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Does the home have defects?

We'd all like to buy the perfect home. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist. Even new homes have defects. That's why it's important to have any home you buy inspected by a licensed architect or professional engineer qualified professionals-even if it's brand new.

You'll undoubtedly discover defects during your inspections.  In fact, you should hope that any significant defects are uncovered before you formal agree to purchase the home. It's far worse to be surprised after closing by unanticipated repair expenses.


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How can I make sure I get a Good Home Inspection?

To maximize your chances of success, hire the best home inspector you can find. Your attorney and friends who purchased recently  can recommend home inspectors to you. Criterium Tauscher Cronacher Engineers is affiliated with Criterium Engineers , a national organization of professional engineers and architects founded in 1957.  Don't hire an inspector blind without first checking references. The inspector should be licensed as an architect or professional engineer (verify the license with NYS) and a member of NABIE.
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Why Criterium Tauscher, Cronacher?

Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Engineers is the largest home inspection engineering firm in the NY Metro Area. We serve Long Island, all of New York City, Westchester, Rockland and Northern Counties, and we specialize in pre-purchase home inspection and building/structural inspections. Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Engineers is staffed solely with licensed Professional Engineers and Registered Architects and all inspectors are members of NABIE.

Our reputation for excellence and integrity has been won with an unmatched record of experience. $8 years of service to the buying community and having inspected more than 160,000 structures.

Through the combined knowledge and experience of our architectural and engineering staff and our association with the Criterium Engineers nationwide network of 70 firms, we continue to offer our clients the broadest bank of information in the field.

Our modern, centrally located office, equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology, is positioned to provide prompt, professional and confidential report services to our clients

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Is a home inspection enough?

Most buyers wouldn't dream of buying a home without having it inspected by a reputable home inspector. But, don't assume that just because you've had the home you're buying inspected by a licensed architect or professional engineer that you're finished with your due diligence investigations.

A home inspection should be viewed as the starting point of your investigations into the condition of the property. You shouldn't buy a home without having one. You also shouldn't assume that a home inspection would give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a property. The inspection finds the concern and the report will recommend service, maintenance, repairs, replacement or /and further investigation to exposed the extent of the condition and cost.


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