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While looking for your dream home,
start to evaluate the house using the list below.

Compliments of Anthony J. Grieco, Registered Architect
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Evaluation Checksheet-Form
print the checklist and complete it for each house that you are interested in

Key Question

Approvals For Additions
This includes: added dormers, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, porches, decks, pools and other additions.

Approvals For Changes
This includes: added skylights, raised ceilings, converting a basement, attic, porch or garage into a habitable rooms, expanding a deck, whirlpool, hot tub, and other changes

Structure- Is the house structural sound or not?
This includes: large cracks in the foundation and interior walls, sagging floors and/or roof surfaces, missing or moved supports, damaged structural members due to rot or insect action, and other concerns.

Termite-Wood Destroying Insects- Is there a current or previous termite condition in this house?
Termites are only one of the many insects that cause wood damage. The other are: wood borer, carpenter ants and carpenter bees.

Environmental Issues-Are there any environmental conditions within the house or surrounding area that will affect the health and safety of your family?
This includes: mold, asbestos, lead paint, lead solder, high voltage wires (EMF), buried oil tanks, foam insulation, and other items.

Electric- What is the capacity of the service? This includes: number of amperes-main breaker size, type of wiring, breakers or fuses, any do-it-yourself wiring, and other items.

Heating- Is the system adequate?
This includes: size of the heating system, type of fuel (oil, gas or electricity), remaining useful life of the heating system, are all areas provided with heat, and other items of concern.

Air Conditioning- Is the system adequate?
This includes: size of the compressor, remaining useful life of the system, are all areas provided with cooling, and other items of concern.

Plumbing- Is the system adequate and working properly?
This includes: Type of piping, water pressure and flow, leaks, old plumbing fixtures, waste system and other items of concern.

Interior- Usable of needs major renovation.
This includes: floors, walls, ceiling, doors, windows and other items of interest.

Exterior Walls- In serviceable condition or needs re-siding.
This includes: the water tightness of the exterior siding, windows, and doors; chimney, interior water stains, and other items of concern.

Roof- Does it need to be replace now or within the next several years?
This includes: sagging surfaces, worn surfaces, moss, damage areas, gutters, remaining life, interior water stains,  and other areas of concern.

Grounds- Any major repairs?
This includes: driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, decks, pool, awnings, hot tubs, separate garage, and other items

This quick inspection checklist is not intended to be a substitute for a home inspection.
Having your home inspected by a
Licensed Registered Architect or Professional Engineer
is the best investment you’ll ever make! 

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